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Who we work with

We understand document management is different for all industry sectors. We have worked with a wide variety of sectors and experience tells us understanding your specific document types and processes first is vital to implementing a successful scanning and/or document management strategy and solution. 

Sectors some of our clients work in:

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Charitable Organisations

We have worked with many charitable organisations over the years and we understand the problems you experience around handling paperwork. The space required to keep gift aid vouchers and direct debit forms for the retention period of 99 years means you're always increasing storage space, not to mention the cost of storing. You waste time filing, re-filing and retrieving gift aid vouchers when you could be utilising your time more effectively. Filing HMRC reports also takes up a considerable amount of time, especially if you can't find the requested documents due to them not being filed in the correct order. Sound familiar? 


Over the years we have worked with many Accountancy firms and we understand the difficulties you have around handling files. We know if every one of your clients generates one file each tax year, on average you probably fill one filing cabinet (four drawers) per fee earner per year. Your costs of printing and filing are rising because much of your paperwork is printed internally. Your book-keeping process is labour intensive. Clients often do not want their paperwork back so you're left adding it to your mounting archive. Sound familiar?

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Logistics and Transportation

We are experienced in dealing with logistics and transport documentation. We understand you may have difficultly filing and retrieving Proof of Delivery notes, not to mention making them available to clients who have lost their copy. You spend time generating management reports to large clients. Sound familiar?


We have worked with several Solicitors firms and we understand the challenges you face in relation to handling case records. Your files are an invaluable asset to your business. You produce a substantial amount of paperwork and find yourself filing and retrieving often. You have to print copies regularly because you're constantly making changes on documents. You're in two places at once. From a six year retention period to "never destroy" files, your archive is mounting and your storage costs are increasing. Sound familiar?


We work with several construction companies and we understand the problems you face when it comes to dealing with paperwork. You produce an extensive amount of paperwork for each construction site you work on. You deal with large format drawings. You have employees working from many different locations who are often "hot desking". You spend time filing site information. There are duplicated copies of documents going around your organisation. Documents can get lost across different sites. Invoice processing can be a difficult process for accounts payable in matching up purchase orders, delivery notes and invoices. Obtaining authorisation to pay is a lengthy and complicated process.


We understand the challenges manufacturers face around handling paperwork. You have a considerable amount of purchase invoices. You spend too much time filing and re-filing. You have many specific customer queries often in relation to bespoke service manuals. You need a large area dedicated to storing your files. You have to comply with quality assurance standards e.g. ISO 9001 which make the retention periods of your documentation longer than other industries.