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I want to stop printing paper

Fed up with constantly printing paperwork? Know you’re not very “green” but don’t know how to stop it? You’re not alone. 

Many of our clients send us documents for scanning which they’ve printed themselves.  And many others are deciding to stop this practice. 

Most people will say that they print “because they like their paper”.  In reality, people print because they simply don’t have the right technical solutions in place to allow them to have a fully digital process.  If they knew how much better the right technology solution can be, they wouldn’t print.  

Below are Papershrink’s solutions to help you stop printing:

Use a document management system instead of a shared drive to store digital files

If you truly want to be digital and stop printing, you’ll need a proper electronic document management system.  Storing files on shared drives offers no control on the folder structure, no way to force your team to use property tags, no version control on documents so you end up with several copy of the same document, no audit trail on who’s changed what and generally, after a few years, a complex “dump” of documents which is difficult to search, difficult to access on the go and difficult to manage.  Papershrink Office is our solution for this.  Read more to see what you can achieve. 

Use electronic forms  

If you print forms to send out to staff or clients, as part of an onboarding process or quality control process for example, the easiest way to stop printing is to convert those paper forms to electronic forms.  Electronic forms can be converted to PDF documents and stored automatically in the right location in your document management system. Read more to see what can be done with electronic forms

Use automated workflows and processes

Paper is often used to enter information into an IT system or as the basis for a process. The paper is moved from person to person throughout the business and used to make sure procedures are adhered to and form an audit trail of evidence.  At Papershrink we use AgilePoint to automate processes and link existing IT systems, thereby eliminating the need to use paper.  Have a look at what you can achieve with AgilePoint.

Use digital signatures

Although electronic signatures have been legally accepted in the UK since 2000, many people still think a “wet” signature is required for their contracts, documents, etc.  That is not the case with DocuSign (Read our blog Can digital signatures be presented in court).  Using DocuSign is legal and eliminates the need to print, post, circulate and/or scan paper documents. Click here to see how you can use DocuSign in your department. 
Contact us to discuss which of the above is the best approach to help you and your team stop printing.