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I want to start scanning HR FILES in-house

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Scanning documents is one of those things that pretty much everyone feels they can do confidently.  But doing a large number of pages a day quickly and accurately, 100% of the time requires solid procedures and the right equipment.

Four key things you need in order to scan in-house:

Scanning Hardware

It may sound obvious, but, with a whole range of scanners available, selecting the right one for your requirements may not be as easy as you think. Keep reading by clicking the button below.

Scanning Software

Suitable software that improves how efficiently you scan. This will vary depending on your scanning volume. Keep reading by clicking the button below.

File Storage System

A place to store all of your scanned files, alongside any new files you create digitally (Microsoft Word files etc). Keep reading by clicking the button below.


In each sector there are key regulations that need to be adhered to when digitising documents. Most regulatory bodies will allow you to destroy original files if scanning is carried out in accordance with BS 10008. Keep reading by clicking the button below.


Here a few articles that are worth looking at as a starting point: 

Papershrink are here to help. We have been operating our own scanning bureau since 2002 and are more than happy to share with you the knowledge we’ve accumulated along the way.  We can make sure your scanning bureau is BS 10008 compliant, effective and efficient. 

If you'd like to talk to one of our experts in regards to starting to scan your files in-house, simply get in touch below and they will be in touch. 


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