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Scanning software and Electronic Document Management (EDMS)

Papershrink supplies software for end to end document capture, management and information analysis.

Software for scanning

In addition to selecting the right hardware, choosing the right software for scanning can make huge difference to image quality, indexing capability and speed of processing. Kodak Capture Pro has all the features needed for professional quality scanning and high speed processing.

Cloud based capture - Decentralised Scanning 

The digital and cloud era means that organisations are more spread out than ever before and are connected through virtual networks and/or cloud and web based applications. Using the latest advances in technology, now you can capture emails and scan documents through the web from wherever you are without needing to download drivers and local software. For organisations looking for a low maintenance, high efficiency option for scanning, web based capture is the way forward.  

Embed scanning into your web applications and Microsoft SharePoint

For high productivity gains and the maximum user adoption, embed scanning functionality right into your existing applications. Users have a completely seamless experience when scanning or transferring electronic documents into your existing applications, electronic content management systems and EPRs.

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G Scan Online

The only Native SharePoint App to fully enable Document Capture within SharePoint Online (Office 365). Scan and OCR convert documents from within SharePoint Office 365. Then store scanned items directly to SharePoint libraries through in-built automated workflows.

A downloadable app that acts as a simple plug n’ play feature into your SharePoint. Scan within SharePoint with virtually any device and even cloud storages, fine-tune your documents with advanced image processing features, click-to-index™ OCR indexing-eliminating manual typing, and stay within SharePoint and the Microsoft Ecosystem, as a whole.

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Embed scanning in to SharePoint (Office 365 Online)

Embed scanning in to SharePoint (Office 365 Online)


Web capture - scanning for mobile or decentralised workforces. Enable secure, high quality, remote document capture with central governance. Embed document scanning into your existing applications.

Embed scanning in to any application

Embed scanning in to any application

KoDak Capture Pro

Proven quality document capture technology for off-line scanning. Scanning and digitisation software for your document scanners. Speed up business-critical processes that depend on the conversion of paper documents accurately, quickly and reliably.

Electronic document management Software

Upload, organise, retrieve and analyse your files electronically via PC, tablet or mobile.

The most productive and successful organisations are those that can get the information they want, when they want it. That is why smart organisations are taking full advantage of cloud based Electronic Document Management Software (EDMS). Upload any type of file or media and make it instantly available for viewing, approval management, sharing and collaborative editing if desired. Find files and information quickly and easily with high powered search functionality that can read the content of files as well as file names. Choose Papershrink Office for a feature rich fully configured EDMS or buy your Sharepoint for Microsoft Office 365 licences through us and we will tailor your application to your specifications.

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Papershrink Office is an Electronic Document Management system(EDMS) for upload store and retrieval of all your electronic and media files. It significantly increases efficiency and will save you money by streamlining file sharing processes. Improve your customer service by having easier access to key client information


Thinking about rolling out Office 365? Looking to build a collaborative workspace? Buy your licences through Papershrink for a fully configured cloud-based  electronic document management system with incorporated workflows and e-forms.


For organisations that want to go fully paperless capturing information electronically right from the start is key. Using electronic forms (e-forms), embedded and non, in conjunction with bespoke workflows, document classification and data analysis software can give organisations a real edge.

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Kodak Info Insight

Cutting edge technology to keep you one-step ahead of the competition and gather and classify important customer information. Capture all data - everywhere, all the time.

workflow management software

Optimise and streamline your business processes for greater efficiency and cost savings, by capturing and re-engineering them with powerful workflow software.