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Should I scan my documents In-House Or Outsource It?


Need to keep documents for a long time for HMRC, CQC or legislative reasons? Running out of space for you and your paperwork? Mounting storage costs? Or just want to do your part for the environment? Then start scanning. It's more economical in the long term to scan your paperwork on an ongoing basis, ensuring your files are always backed up and always available. 

The dilemma for most organisations is deciding who will scan? Which is more advantageous: to outsource document scanning or to do it in-house? The answer to that question will be very much dependent on the amount of documents that you need to scan and the amount of new paper documents that you regularly produce or receive. The Joseph Rowntree Foundation Report published in 2014 looks at how excessive paperwork in care homes is undermining care for older people', for more information. This article is a perfect example of how removing paperwork from your business can help. For more information click here.

Option 1. I want to outsource my scanning

This is a common option for most organisations and people that do not need to bring scanning expertise in-house. However, it would not be wise to send your documentation to just any document scanning bureau. If your aim is to use your digital copies as a replacement of the original that has legal value, then your documents need to be scanned in compliance with BS 10008 (Legal Admissibility and Evidential Weight of Electronic Documents).

Further, image quality and how you will find information on the scanned document should be considered. Do you need OCR (Optical Character Recognition)?

In addition, how will you find the scanned files at a later date? Your choice of indexing can be crucial in realising productivity gains.

Finally, what type of service is best for you? Do you need to forward paperwork on a regular basis? Is your ultimate aim to have a paperless office and so you need a digital mailroom? Do you have an archive of documents to scan? Do you require scan on demand? And then the real question is: Is is cost-effective to scan? Try our price comparison calculator to see whether it is cheaper for you to scan or store.

Option 2. I want to scan myself (no pun intended)

If you have ever tried scanning before using a multi-functional device, you'll know that it can be a slow and tedious process. A lot of time can be spent clearing up paper-jams, double feeds, cleaning up the image and re-naming files. By choosing quality dedicated scanners and specialised technology you can speed up your scanning. 

For some organisations in-house scanning makes financial and operational sense. Key decisions need to be made about whether it is more efficient to have set up a central scanning bureau or empower a distributed workforce to scan remotely through web based document capture, whilst managing the service centrally (decentralised scanning). 

Useful links: How to cost in-house scanning?

If you are unsure which solution is best for you? Contact one of our experts for a free no-obligation initial consultation. We will provide you expert guidance on which solution is best for you and your organisation.


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We are accredited with the best practice quality standard for compliance: BS 10008 - documents scanned by us can be used in court in substitution of the original copy, so you can destroy the original. We guarantee you clear, readable high quality images or we will re-scan your work without extra charge. Whether you are looking for scan on demand; to forward your paperwork on a regular basis; or have just a one-off project we have a service for you. No job is too small. 

We will help you choose the right index for your digital files and, if you want, we can securely destroy your original paper documents once they have been scanned.


We can scan to a variety of file formats and you can receive your files via a number of file storage options including our cloud-based electronic document management platform: Papershrink Office.

You may find yourself searching Google for 'where can I scan my documents near me' or 'scanning services near me', let Papershrink take care of your scanning no matter where you are. Using our Collect, Scan, Upload service we take care of your scanning requirements, anywhere, anytime.  

Read on to find out more about our different document scanning services and the benefits of scanning, helping you to see why you should choose Papershrink as your document scanning company.


One-off project

Whether you have just a few files or an entire archive to scan, Papershrink can digitise your documents for you efficiently and economically. Plus we can securely dispose of your paper documents too.

Find out how much it will cost you to scan your documents.

collect scan upload 

Instead of filing your paperwork after use, we can collect it or you can send it to us for scanning. Digital files are easier to access, are always backed up and don't mount up into archives that are costly to store. Files can be scanned weekly, monthly, quarterly or even half yearly. 


archive Scanning

Scan an entire library of documents. In addition, we can help you create an appropriate digital index to facilitate file retrieval and provide an electronic document management  platform for easy e-archiving.

digital mailroom

Redirect your incoming post to the Papershrink premises, where documents will be scanned and made available for digital use. Eliminate paper right from the source and weed out junk mail.


on-site scanning

For those who want to retain total control over scanning in their organisation. Papershrink can share it's expertise and experience to help you set up a high performing on-site scanning bureau.


Scan on demand

Store your documents securely with us and retrieve them when you need them via our scan on demand service. Just submit a file request and receive your file electronically when you need them.


No more filing or hunting for that one elusive piece of paper or missing file. Find the information you need in seconds. Shrink costly storage space. Document scanning services make business sense. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose Papershrink as your document scanning company.


Think how much time you’d save if you never had to search for the right file again. Instead, access your digital ‘scanned documents’ and you’ll have the right document in front of you in less time than it would have taken you to get to the filing cabinet. What’s more, electronic files are filed once. That’s it. No more piles of filing and re-filing to do.


By saving time and storage space you save money. Use our scanning online estimator to see how much you could save.


If your files are an invaluable asset to your business then it's well worth insuring them. Scanning your paperwork will allow you to back them up and store a copy off-site or online. It’s a full-proof disaster recovery plan.


Reduce and eliminate your paper document usage. Transform your organisation from a paper heavy, space using organisation to a greener one by storing files in the cloud. 

Traditionally, making photocopies of a document or printing multiple copies was the only way to distribute information. It wasn't the easiest or most environmentally friendly method. Now, when a document is scanned or uploaded into Papershrink Office, only one copy needs to be distributed. 


Imagine where you store all your paperwork. Now imagine that space empty. Converting to digital documents in compliance with BS 10008 means you can destroy all the original paperwork. Now imagine what you could do with the extra space and extra funds your organisation would have by saving on storage costs.


Have you ever thought how nice it would be if you could 'Google' your filing cabinets? Now you can.

Once scanned, files can be processed with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to allow full-text search of all your documents. So all you have to do is enter a keyword and a search result will appear. Access files on a desktop, laptop, mobile device or tablet.


With documents readily available on screen, information and advice can be given to your customers immediately. There's no need to call them back later after you've hunted for relevant documents. If you use Papershrink Office, access to your files is virtual. That's like carrying all your files with you on your phone 24/7. 

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