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Papershrink Consultancy

Most organisations have started reducing the amount of paper they use in some areas, while often printing more than ever in others.  Often there are multiple technology solutions in place and determining what the best next step should be isn't obvious.

As expert scanning and document management consultants we can help you take that next step in order to reduce the amount of paper you use in your office, or go completely paperless.

scan or store?

Do you need help deciding what to do with the existing paperwork? This page will help you think through the options 

digital strategy

If you're unsure which department to start in; which documents you'll scan if any; or whether to go straight to electronic forms, what you need is a strategy


Where there's a possibility that your digital information will be required as evidence in court, you need to make sure you comply with BS 10008


setting up your own scanning process 

Scanning on-site can enable smoother integration of business processes, especially when tight turnaround time is required. Find out about compliant procedures, training, recruitment and more.

change management

Your organisation can make a smooth transition from a traditional paper based organisation to a digital organisation. Going digital is a fundamental change and this new way of working will affect many staff (if not all staff). Our Change Management Support Package helps organisations manage the necessary changes to processes and people.


Find out how Scandox, our NHS division, can assist Acute & Mental Health NHS Trusts in their Paperless by 2020 journey.