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Purchase to Payment Invoice Solution

Designed to streamline purchase order, delivery note and invoice processing, the Purchase to Payment Invoice Solution, improves internal efficiency and speeds up the approval process. It is ideal for organisations of all sizes, whether receiving 50 invoices a month or even 1000 invoices per month.

Is your organisation spending far too much time chasing purchase orders, delivery notes and invoices in order to match them up, get approval and process payments? Are you chasing information from different people in different locations? Are you always looking for misplaced paperwork or chasing paperwork that is stuck in somebody's in-tray? If this sounds familiar then your organisation could benefit from our Purchase to Payment Invoice Solution.

Purchase to Payment — a solution for small to medium sized organisations

Large organisations handling hundreds of invoices a day have long overcome this problem by implementing sophisticated finance systems which automates the approval and payment process. If you are a small to medium sized organisation without a sophisticated finance system as an option, we offer Purchase to Payment as a new, practical and affordable solution. Benefits include:

Speedy matching process

Storing your organisations purchasing and payment documentation electronically allows you, through a series of triggered workflows, to speed up the process of matching the purchase order, delivery note and invoice. The ease of accessing this information at the click of a mouse ensures a higher amount of invoices to be processed using the same number of staff as before or permits existing staff the time to do alternative tasks.

'On the go' approval

The Purchase to Payment solution simplifies budget holder approvals. When a payment is issued, an email is triggered to the budget holder. Using a mobile device to access the email essentially means approval can be given 'on the go' and speeds up the payment process further.

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Other benefits include:

  • No more filing;
  • Purchasing is approved by the correct personnel;
  • Payments are made on time, making the most of early payment discounts or avoiding late payment penalties;
  • Better control of cashflow with no surprise chasing by suppliers;
  • Eliminates double handling of documents, for example when the delivery note is received, and then again when the invoice is received;
  • Eliminates documents traveling around the business, getting lost or stuck in someone's in tray;
  • Awareness of what stage each purchase transaction is at;
  • Upload the delivery note or invoice by taking a picture with your mobile phone, scanning or manual entry — there’s a method for everyone;
  • An easy way to implement more control around purchasing and payment whilst delegating to budget holders and staff.