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Papershrink Digital

Document and data security is becoming increasingly relevant to more and more businesses. Papershrink recognise that each business is different with different requirements and that's why our Papershrink Digital solution is designed around your needs. From implementing a simple system that you can transfer your documents onto for better security, right through to a fully automated management process that will streamline your workflows and increase team efficiency. 

The steps to go digital are simple and we support you at every stage. 

Our checklist below highlights the key benefits of implementing a digital document management solution:

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Control who can access what information

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Minimise time, maximise efficiency

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Store access and retrieve documents whenever you need them

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Reduce long-term cost and unnecessary waste


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Enhance security and meet forthcoming GDPR regulation

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Complete audit trail


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Automate your workflow process – linking teams together seamlessly and managing all input and output

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Reduce overheads on printing, storage and copying, save time on searching and updating.


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