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Papershrink Consultancy

Do you have a paper situation in your business? The volume of documents is starting to become unmanageable and you need to assess what options you have to get things sorted? Or the data security risk is now compromising your business? 

Or perhaps you have a legacy IT system that no longer meets requirements and you need to update your digital processes in line with business needs? 

Papershrink Consultancy is here to help guide you in the right direction for the right document management solution… 

At Papershrink our 15 years of experience and BS 10008 accreditation means we are skilled in dealing with all types of business requirements. We understand many of the challenges that can occur in handling large volumes of documents, going digital or moving systems and our team ensure they work closely with you from beginning to end to ensure a smooth transition. 

From an initial audit of your requirements to solution delivery, we will work alongside your team to ensure a seamless integration into your business. 

We work with you to identify opportunities to highlight areas for long-term cost-savings, reduced man hours, increase security and reduced risk, all whilst managing your document and scanning requirements. 



If your information and documents are possibly required to be presented in a Court of Law then complying with BS 10008 is vital for your business. 

Papershrink are Associate Consultants of the British Standards Institute for BS 10008, which means with us you have complete security around how your documents are handled and destroyed. 

Or if it’s more suitable to your business to retain control of your documents in-house, we can conduct a Gap Analysis to assess what is required for you to gain your own BS 10008 certification and we will guide you through the process.