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Kodak Alaris Info Input

Extend the functionality of your existing web-based applications with web-based document capture. Maximum flexibility and ease of use for the end user, centrally managed and controlled.

Web based applications have made IT infrastructures lighter and easier to deploy and manage. With 24/7 secure access to business applications, productivity is increased and the workforce is more mobile. 


Now you can harness the power of the web to capture documents remotely and manage them centrally.

  • No physical installation required – central browser based access and management
  • Instantly works with existing hardware (MFD and scanners)
  • Embed document capture within existing applications
  • Integrate seamlessly to existing content management applications 

The Challenge

Organisations are using more enterprise wide and cloud based solutions, tying in workers that may be outside their firewall. To date, in order to scan/capture images at various points throughout their organisation, software has to be uploaded locally and routed back through the network to business applications. All this presents a challenge to maintain.

Often the scanner or multi-function device is away from the user's pc and doesn't have a viewing pane, so scanned images cannot be checked for quality. Document classification and indexing can be adhoc and all in all the process is slow.

Kodak Info Input resolves all of these problems.

The Solution

Kodak Alaris Info Input allows you to capture images from any browser that supports Java. Alternatively, it can be embedded into an existing application.

Document capture settings can now be managed centrally and pushed out for use to end users, who can access the web capture software using existing company credentials.

Scanned documents are viewable as they are captured and so can be immediately checked for quality. Documents can be classified, indexed and validated using a lookup from your existing database.

Kodak Alaris Info Input eliminates the need to network your content management system, with your database and your document repository and your electronic document manager. It can interact with all these systems, making digitised images available where they need to be, when they need to be all from the browser or from directly within your existing application.

Find out more how Kodak Alaris Info Input can help you digitise your documents with ease. Contact us for a no-obligation demonstration.


Traditionally, to capture (scan) documents software and drivers need to be downloaded to a pc or device which connects to scanner or multi-functional device. With web based capture, it suffices to open up a browser page, login select the device that you are connected to which is automatically recognised and then scan. No local software and drivers are required. Plus, captured documents – scanned documents, email and associated attachments can be pushed into other applications and systems throughout an organisation.

Quality Control & Information Availability 

Manage decentralised scanning centrally.

One of the challenges a large organisation may face is maintaining quality and ensuring consistency of scanned documents. For this reason, documents are often sent to a central scanning bureau or team to manage document capture which can be longwinded, inefficient and there is the risk of document loss.
With Kodak Info Input you can set up job types, set quality control parameters and manage priorities centrally giving you the peace of mind that everyone is working to the same standard wherever they are and that important information is made available quickly whilst non-business critical information is processed later.