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I want to get rid of filing cabinets & regain office space

Fed up with being surrounded by filing cabinets or seeing valuable office space taken up by these cabinets? 

Wish there was something you could do but think you need to keep your records during their retention period? This may not be the case. As long as the digital documents are scanned and store in accordance with BS 10008 you can legally destroy the original paper records, making the need for filing cabinets a thing of the past. 

There are 2 main ways we can help you do that.   

Send us your documents for scanning

We have the team, equipment and certified processes to scan any size of archive, from a few boxes to thousands of boxes.  We can box, barcode and label your files, collect them, scan them all to agreed requirements and return them to you in a number of formats.  We can also upload the documents to Papershrink Office, our Office 365 based document management system.  If you’re unsure about the security of storing documents in the cloud, read 10 reasons why your documents are safer in Office 365. 
Use our cost calculator to get an idea of how much it would cost and view our scanning services page for more details. 

Scan the documents yourself

You will need a scanning application, a scanner and a document management system. You could obviously scan to a shared drive on your server and not have a document management system but you’re scanning records which have to comply with certain regulations, scanning to a shared drive doesn’t give you any audit trail and has many downsides.  Here’s a blog we wrote on this topic. We can help you select the right hardware and software, show you how to use it and put a BS 10008 compliant process in place.  See our “I want to start scanning in-house” page for more details.  

Shred the documents

Often, defining a retention policy is one thing, applying it is another.  Busy teams often simply don’t have time to sort through the documents and destroy them.  We can catalogue files for you, identify those for shredding and provide a secure destruction service.  

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