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Document Scanning Hardware

Document Scanners

Choosing the right scanner (scanning hardware) is critical to achieve organisational objectives. Papershrink can advise you on which scanning hardware that suits your needs and support you in setting up your own internal document scanning bureau and document management platform, or document capture for a mobile workforce. 

When considering the best hardware scanning equipment for your organisation you will need to assess the type of paperwork you want to scan. For example: 

  • Document size A3/A4/A5
  • Carbon copies
  • Books
  • Large formats such as drawings or CTGs
  • Microfiche

How much paperwork you have and how regularly you need to scan will help determine factors such as the type of scanner and its speed. Although they may seem a good idea, multi-functional devices are not optimised for scanning and will in the long run not prove as efficient as a dedicated device for high volumes of scanning.

Finally, your choice of scanner will come down to cost: Whether you want to make an high capital investment or a opex spend and how you want to staff your bureau.



Do you work in a busy law firm, insurance claims department, human resource group or government department? Does your daily activity involve scanning documents to business applications such as Microsoft SharePoint or shared networked folders? Streamline and automate your document management processes with a departmental/ office scanner and benefit from the productivity gains and cost-savings.

Production Scanners

Do you process huge volumes of documents such as invoices, insurance claims or loan applications? Are you looking for a reliable, robust and affordable high-speed scanner for your centralised operation? Kodak production scanners redefine productivity, versatility and reliability. They are ready to tackle the most demanding high-volume requirements.


Desktop Scanners

Perfect answer for desktop scanning in small offices and workgroups needing to scan up to 10,000 pages per day.

Industrial Scanners

IBML scanners are unmatched for speed, quality and throughput.