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Document Management Consultancy

Expert Advice for Scanning and Software

As expert scanning and document management consultants we help organisations who are looking to go Paperless. We help develop effective scanning strategies, aid with setting up your own onsite scanning bureau, compliant with BS 10008 and can even help manage the changes involved in becoming paperless or paperlight.

Keep reading to find out more about the various services that we provide:

Scanning strategy service

We assess all the different scanning options so your organisation can make an informed decision on the various levels of 'going paperless' and select what is best for your situation. Our Scanning strategy service includes a documentation audit, data analysis, workshop and appropriate recommendations for your organisation.


BS 10008 refers to the standard on Evidential Weight and Legal Admissibility of Electronic Information. It ensures your digital information is trustworthy and can be relied upon to make decisions and run your business. As an Associate Consultant of the British Standards Institution for BS 10008, we ensure the scanning and auditing procedures we recommend comply with the BS 10008 standard. We also help organisations become BS 10008 Certified. 

Onsite bureau service setup

An on-site scanning bureau can enable smoother integration of business processes but setting one up from scratch can be daunting. Our experienced consultants can help with the set up through a range of services which include scanning room requirements, procedure development, training manual development, recruitment, training, coaching and monitoring.

Change management

Your organisation can make a smooth transition from a traditional paper based organisation to a digital organisation. Going digital is a fundamental change and this new way of working will affect many staff (if not all staff). Our Change Management Support Package helps organisations manage the necessary changes to processes and people.