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Project Planning and Compliance

Why consult first

In seeking to create a paperlight or paperless environment and work from a digital platform, many organisations are presented with the challenge of what to do with their paper documents that need to be kept for a long time. The options that are generally presented are:

  1. Storage with scan on demand and retrieval
  2. Bulk scanning

Both these options are in the long term very costly and do not present either the most efficient or the most cost effective solution to the dilemma that you have. In our experience, it is rarely necessary to scan an entire archive of documents to achieve substantial productivity gains in the workplace. We find it most cost effective to find a balance between bulk scanning and storage with retrieval. In order to understand what to scan and what to store, it is important to identify the selection of documents that present the highest ROI when either scanned or stored. This will depend on retrieval rates, potential lifetime of the document and the total number of documents that you have.

By astutely determining the ROI of each option (to scan or to store) for each document group, an organisation can save themselves literally thousands of pounds of unnecessary scanning and/or retrieval costs. Further, once a document is scanned, it is fundamental to get the indexing correct in order to facilitate retrieval and add any additional data (metatags) to provide comprehensive filtering.

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  • We can support you in identifying groups of documents  and make recommendations as to whether to scan or to store to reduce potential outlay.
  • We can support you in making suggestions for a re-engineered workflow process that will increase productivity.
  • We can make indexing recommendations.
  • We can help you identify how best to scan certain types of documents


Compare applications that you have and find out the best solution for you to plug the gap or enhance your existing applications.


We can help you ensure compliance with BS 10008 in order that you can preserve the authenticity of your documents, so that they remain legally valid.

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