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Change Management

Going digital is a significant change to the way your organisation works. When change is owned and managed effectively it can have lasting benefits.

Our Change Management project support team assists organisations in ensuring change is implemented smoothly. We work with your project team and other appropriate stakeholders to manage change and make the project a success.

Managing change - processes and people

The transition from a traditional paper based office to a digital one is about processes and people. We follow the Lewin’s Change Model of 'Unfreeze-Change-Refreeze'. We have combined this model with our own experience of "going digital" and devised a clear and simple scanning change approach. It includes three stages:

  1. Unfreeze — we engage relevant people in your business to map existing processes, understand what needs to change and why.
  2. Change — We draft new processes, plan and implement them. We work with you to map out new processes and draft an implementation plan, communication plan and training plan.
  3. Refreeze— The final step is to embed the changes in your organisation. We provide appropriate support that ensures concerns and issues are identified and dealt with promptly.

Throughout the entire transition we support your Change Lead to ensure your stakeholders are engaged, two way communication occurs and benefits are realised.

The benefits of employing us for Change Management

Experienced consultants — Eliminate the risk of using existing personnel within your organisation who do not have the necessary and relevant experience

A dedicated team — The sole function of our consultancy team is to perform the tasks outlined, so your managers won’t be negatively impacted with additional workload

Quality completion within the shortest timescales — Time management is essential but we will also ensure no corners are cut, no mistakes are made and important contributors are aligned for optimum efficiency and ROI.