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Case Studies

We’re proud to work with a list of clients across industries, all with the shared goal of becoming either paperlight or paperless.

Find out more about the work we have completed through the case studies listed below and when you’re ready to get your own paperlight/paperless journey started, call us on 01733 394269 to speak to one of our specialist consultants.

The quality of work and excellent service we’ve received leaves me in a position to happily recommend Papershrink to other businesses - we’ve actually already done so!
— Andrew Burgess, Finance Director



  • Converting existing patient records into digital format for full Electronic Record Patient (EPR) solution; 
  • Obtain BS 10008 certification;
  • Full integration of PAS systems.


The main reason we decided to start scanning was to make our files more accessible. Nothing is more accessible than being just a click away from any file you need!
— Lisa Adair, Accounts Officer, Rockingham Forest Housing Association

The scanning solution not only enables us to access the information more quickly but also provides our clients with the information they need in a more streamlined manner.
— Steven Morley, Head of Data Management, Redmayne & Bentley, Leeds

Previously it could take up to 30 minutes to find a file - it now takes 3 seconds to search for the electronic copy.
— Andy Howarth, WEC Group

The time it took to sort and retrieve from the paper filing system was unimaginable. The scanning solution enables us to have instant access to the information we need and provides a much more efficient way of working.
— Nicky Ward, Finance Officer, The Leprosy Mission England & Wales


"They guided us through the early stages of certification especially, sharing experiences from other hospitals.They were excellent at explaining BS 10008 documentation requirements, and particularly relating it to us as a business".


Scanning our Purchase Invoices enables us to eliminate physical storage space and cut down on storage costs.
— Laura Morgan, Financial Controller, PS Financials

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  • Improve Patient Care
  • Improve Cost efficiencies
  • Safer Health Records


“It would be very easy for a company to tell you how to scan, but their impartiality provided a true unbiased recommendation. They focused on what was best for us and provided multiple approaches”
— Toby Cave, Information Management and Technology Project Manager, University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

Scanning our archived paperwork has allowed us to completely eliminate the need for offsite storage saving us money every year.
— Chris Rebbetts, Partner, Wilder Coe Chartered Accountants

“The destruction of our documents is key. With what we’ve learnt from BS 10008 best practices we can rest assured that our documents are being destroyed in accordance with legally admissible standards”
— Leigh Peplow, Information Governance Manager, Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust

Want to showcase your progress on the paperless journey? Contact Gareth Ford, Marketing Manager here.