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NHS DIVISION - The Journal of mHealth Article - Why the NHS Can’t Ignore BS 10008 on the Path to Digital Transformation

Our specialist NHS Division (known as Scandox) are proud to have collaborated with long-term partner Kodak Alaris IM on a recent article published in the April/May 2017 edition of The Journal of mHealth. 

The article itself looks at "Why the NHS Can’t Ignore BS 10008 on the Path to Digital Transformation", something that Scandox are certainly keen to discuss. As mentioned in the article itself, Scandox were infact one of the UK’s first BS 10008-accredited specialist scanning bureaus, providing support to NHS Trusts undertaking the move to electronic records. 

BS 10008 is vital for all Trusts as they are required to adhere to the standard when undertaking the digitisation of their patient records. 

BS 10008 as a standard covers more than just the NHS, it should be adhered to by anyone undertaking a digitisation project and scanning files. If you're looking to find out more on BS 10008 and how we can help ensure you adhere to the standard, please do get in touch. Our experts are on hand to answer any questions you have. Simply complete the form below and we shall be in touch shortly. 

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