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Looking to implement digital signatures but have concerns about their legal admissibility? It’s natural to be hesitant, but you’re in good hands. Papershrink only use the latest and most secure technologies whilst ensuring compliance, and this is no different when it comes to electronic signatures. We are able to provide our clients access to industry leading technology from DocuSign.

So, Is DocuSign legal?

Electronic documents and signatures are legally binding throughout the United Kingdom and the European Union for nearly every business or personal transaction. DocuSign’s solutions enable you to electronically sign while meeting and exceeding the requirements of the UK Electronic Communication Act and EU Regulation No 910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market, also known as eIDAS. All European Union countries are bound to this regulation. 

How does DocuSign help meet legal requirements? 

DocuSign has been developed to meet legal requirements by allowing parties to use a transaction to:

  • Verify signer identities with multiple forms of authentication
  • Confirm signer intent to sign electronically
  • Link signatures to signers and documents
  • Record all important document and signature activities
  • Have ongoing, secure access to DocuSign documents
  • Protect documents with tamper-seals that use a combination of independently certified, secure system processes and PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) technology

And is DocuSign secure?

Not only is DocuSign secure, it certifies to ISO 27001:2013 and both SSAE 16, SOC 1 Type 2, SOC 2 Type 2. It regularly undergoes international testing across both its platform and data centres.  

DocuSign is the only Digital Transaction Management (DTM) provider to be ISO 27001-certified and SSAE 16-certified (SOC 1 and SOC 2) and internationally tested across the entire company and its data centres. 

Only DocuSign provides full document encryption to ensure the privacy of your data. Documents stored in our ISO 27001 and SSAE 16 data centres are encrypted with the highest levels of encryption.