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Improve the speed of your document retrieval

When it comes to retrieving documents for review do you find yourself having to delve through filing cabinet drawers or even archive boxes, maybe your files aren’t even stored onsite and you have to travel to retrieve them? This is very common in UK businesses, and as offsite storage costs increase and companies look to reduce the amount of time employees spend completing inefficient tasks now is the perfect time to review the process.  

Have you considered digitising your documents? Once your documents are scanned into an online document management system such as Papershrink Office (insert link) they can easily be retrieved within just a few clicks.  

Why would you look to do this? Not only does it reduce the amount of time spent actually carrying out the document retrieval, freeing up employees to focus on business critical tasks, it also removes the need for offsite storage, or better yet it allows you to regain valuable office space in-house. Storing your documents within a certified document management system also provides the best possible security. We recently published an article looking at cloud vs local servers for the storage and security of files

So how can you improve your document retrieval process? It’s quite simple, especially if you’re currently working with a paperbased solution. Start by organising your documents for scanning, you may need to keep certain archive records for a number of years depending on legislation rules. Once organised you can begin scanning your documents. These documents can then be saved into an online document management system where they are easily accessible. A solution such as Papershrink Office allows you to search for files within seconds from its homepage, allowing access to every single paper record you have on file almost instantly. We recently ran a test and were able to find a document in just 3 seconds; compare that to your current process which could easily be several minutes. That’s a significant saving. 

However, if you’re currently scanning your documents but working from a shared drive and not a dedicated document management system, you can still achieve significant increases in efficiency. Why not check out our dedicated article that discussed this topic.  

As paper to digital specialists we are on hand to answer any questions you may have in regards to any stage of your digitisation process.