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Improving remote working with digitisation 

More and more organisations are starting to have a disperse workforce. More than ever, employees are looking to no longer be tied down to working from a single office location, or even between traditional 9-5 hours. This can prove beneficial to the individual but can often cause issues for the wider company if processes aren't in place.

Disparate working

Let's look at it from an HR prospective. It’s great to be able to offer flexible working hours and the ability to work from home, but if certain processes are still paper based this can cause issues. Whether it’s the signing of new company policy documents, or submitting holiday requests. Without the correct steps in place this can become a minefield for mistakes. Maybe your staff currently print, sign and rescan documents for approval, or confirmation is just provided verbally, leaving no audit trail available should an issue arise.   

Lack of visibility

From a management perspective, a happy workforce is a productive workforce, but not if it causes headaches further down the chain. When staff work remotely it is key that their projects/ workload is easily tracked and visible for management and potentially others in their team. When working from paper based records, or even silo Word Documents stored locally this is impossible to monitor. If a member of staff works on a local copy of a Word Document for example, this is often only shared via email when necessary. This can lead to projects being delayed due to staff absences, or multiple versions of the same file being worked on at any one time. This creates an unnecessary duplication of effort.  

Is there a solution?

Luckily, there is. By reducing the amount of paper that flows between staff and switching to a cloud based environment such as Microsoft Office 365 you can work securely and in collaboration with staff no matter their location. A file can be worked on at the same time as yourself, or in your absence but you can rest assured that you will always be accessing the most up to date copy.  

Replacing manual paperbased forms with digital eForms that include the ability to provide a digital signature allows you to provide all staff with the same form automatically, requesting their signature once they’ve completed the desired task. Full tracking is available and you are able to monitor who is yet to complete a task, ensuring nothing is missed.  
The ability to access files from anywhere, at anytime is becoming ever more important. Utilising an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) such as Papershrink Office is the perfect solution. 

Next steps

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