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Creating a business case for automation and removing paper within HR

So where do I start? 

So you're ready to start reducing the amount of paper you use in your HR department, and automate certain processes, but how can you get others onboard? Whether you still need information or you're just looking for something to show team members, start by reading our recent article on Top 5 reasons HR departments are digitising

I’ve read the article, now what? 

What we often find is that certain members of a team are aware that steps could be taken to improve efficiency, but these may not be the decision makers. This article looks at how to present a business case for improving efficiency and implementing a paperless environment within a HR environment. Let’s start by looking at key factors that can help decision makers realise the potential benefits of becoming digital and reducing the amount of paper you use.  

What can be improved?  

By automating certain tasks within your HR department, such as the onboarding process or management of employee records you can quickly see improvements in key areas. Let’s take a look at just a few:


The time it takes to currently carry out processes which often include the rekeying of information between multiple systems can be dramatically reduced by automating your processes. Almost every HR professional finds themselves having to rekey information into different systems, simply because these systems aren't connected. By automating your processes, you can cut out these steps, and improve efficiency.  


Ensuring a certain standard of work is important and portraying the company image in the correct way to new starters, even more so. Automating your processes not only streamlines the steps but provides consistency, ensuring the company image is upheld. A prime example is if information is having to be entered into multiple systems, not only does this hamper efficiency as above, but mistakes can happen. Whether that’s a misspelling of an employees name, or the entering of an incorrect phone number, this can cause major issues. 


When new information is uploaded to multiple locations it's impossible to truly track. How can you ensure information is up to date across all platforms? Ensuring data is up to date within a HR department is key. No longer will you need to chase staff in regards to any documentation, be that new starter forms or signatures confirming that a new document has been read. Remove the stress and automate the confirmation process. You may look at also using digital signatures, removing the need to print, sign and rescan documents back into your current digital file storage location.  

Response time

Remove the need to print, sign and rescan a document. This one speaks for itself. Another key area is automating responses during the onboarding process, so your HR team don’t even need to be at their desks and they can respond automatically. Having all of your files stored in a secure cloud environment enables you to access them remotely, instantly, from almost any device.   

Legal admissibility  

Have you ever been caught up in a legal case due to an employee or dismissal issue? Were you able to provide the relevant evidence to plead your case? Scan your archive in accordance with BS 10008 and you can rest assured your documents are an exact copy of the original. Automating your processes also ensures that no steps are missed, no forms go unsigned and no potential legal documents are incomplete.  


The cost of both physical resources, and also man hours are continually going up. By automating your HR processes you can reduce both. Cut out the amount of resources you need to use, and by streamlining your processes you cut back the amount of man hours needed to complete the tasks.  

Office space

When office space prices are at an all-time high, the ability to regain valuable space currently being used for file storage is a huge benefit. 

Next steps 

If you'd like to discuss your plan with one of our paper to digital specialists then please do get in touch. We can work with you to work out key areas for improvement within your department and advise on resolutions, helping you to provide the best business case.  

Get in touch if you have any questions, no matter what stage you’re at. Remember, we offer a free trial of our scanning services. Simply collate a sample file and send it to us free of charge, we can then demonstrate the quality of our scanning and Electronic Document Management System, Papershrink Office, all with no obligation and no cost.