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Issues when scanning to a shared drive

Have you started to scan in-house and share your files on a shared drive? We're finding that many companies are starting to scan to shared drives for shared file access and file retrieval.

Scanning to a shared drive can present several issues, for example:

  • Stored files can not be easily searched for using keywords or tags
  • Shared drives are not accessible from a mobile device
  • VPN access is required to access remotely from your computer
  • Scanning can be time consuming as documents need to be filed into the correct location manually
  • Shared drives do not utilise meta data and therefore files can only be identified by folder structure or file name.

Even with just a small number of files stored on a shared drive, locating the correct file can often be difficult and time consuming. Shared drives are notoriously messy after years of multiple users applying their 'own touch' to folder structures and file titles. Adding more files just increases the problems.

Reducing paperwork by scanning should make your life easier, scanning to a shared drive doesn't always do so. Having digital files should give you Google like search facilities across all folders and files. It should be accessible, anywhere, anytime on any device, no longer restricting you to your desk or computer. Start experiencing increased efficiency today.