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Work together on files from anywhere

Since the rise in connected technology and with more employees working away from the office, the way people work has changed over the past few years. However, the biggest change is here now. 

If you’re part of a distributed workforce, do you sometimes struggle to collaborate on a project? Do you feel things could be achieved quicker if you were sat around the same table, working on the same document? What if we told you, you can achieve this no matter where you are?

With Papershrink Office you can collaborate with colleagues no matter on their locations. Work together on the same document in real-time, or easily share your document for review and instant feedback. This removes the need to send an email attachment for review, speeding up the process. It also ensures the latest version is always being worked on, removing any risks associated with editing or publishing old versions. It used to be common for more than one version of a document being worked on by different people, but not with Papershrink Office.

To find out how Papershrink Office can improve your efficiency and collaborative working, get in touch today.