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Still typing when you could automate?

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We have the answer. Allowing you to bring solutions together, removing the need to retype information that’s already held in one system, into another. Not only does this remove the risk of errors associated with re-keying information, because your systems can now transfer information instantly, it also allows you to maximise the return on investment on existing systems that you are currently using. 

Better Quality, Increased Productivity, Greater Speed, Happier Clients = More Profit

If you're asking yourself whether there is a way to do something quicker, then there probably is.
Papershrink helps organisations speed up business processes whether they are paper-based or not and enable software applications to “talk” to each other.

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Do you: 

  • Want to speed up existing paper and electronic processes, such as onboarding new employees or clients?
  • Need to connect disparate software applications?
  • Want to enable workers/users to make real-time decisions on quotes/proposals?
  • Do you wish paper forms could be electronic?
  • Do you want to stop using spreadsheets to track the progress of projects?

If you've answered YES to any of these questions, find out more below or get in touch today.
Papershrink can help you:

Speed up existing processes

Almost every office has a process that currently involves paper. Whether that's new starter forms, or even holiday request forms, remove the need to re-key this information by using an electronic form (eForms).

Connect disparate applications

If you're looking to transfer data from one application to another without the need for re-keying of information, let Papershrink show you how. Using Papershrink's low code solution it's as simple as drag and drop to link two applications. Papershrink can also handle the entire setup process for you, allowing you to focus on what's important to your business. 

Make real-time decisions

Forget having to email attachments out to be reviewed, printed and signed off. With Papershrink you can share documents at the click of a button for instant review and sign off with a electronic signature. 

Embrace eForms

The ability to replace current methods of data capture using paper with an electronic form is a great way to speed up processes and improve efficiency. Why create a duplication of efforts by re-keying information that has been written on paper and then typed in to a database? 

Remove the need for spreadsheets

Remove the need for spreadsheets to track the progress of a project or monitor deadlines. Receive automatic email alerts when a deadline is approaching.