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About us

Papershrink, now in its 15th year of business, specialises in helping organisations to go Paperless. We are paper to digital specialists that are unique because of our consultative strategic approach to digitisation. Our specialities are:

  • Bespoke Paperless Strategies
  • Business Process Re-engineering and Workflow Management
  • Change Management
  • Document Scanning and Digital Mailroom Services
  • Document Management Software
  • Document Capture Software and Hardware

Papershrink believe that transitioning to paperless is a journey that needs to be approached one step at a time commencing with a solid strategy and well-defined goals.

Our breadth of knowledge and experience has assisted many businesses and organisations successfully transition from paper heavy to digital.

Meet the Senior Team

Elisabeth Belisle
Managing Director
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Neil Needham
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Max Cartwright
Head of Service Delivery
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Gareth Ford
Marketing Manager
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Papershrink Ltd
13 Maxwell Road