Store and Scan Service

If you have lots of archive boxes that need to be scanned but you cant afford a large one off payment, then store and scan is be the solution for you.

Your boxes will be brought to the Papershrink premises and placed in your own designated area and immediatly checked, to make sure we have received everything you have sent to us.Once everyone is satisfied we have recived everything we are supposed to have, your boxes are wrapped for protection and only unwrapped when the scanning is carried out or retrieval is needed.

Papershrink are extremely security conscious and details can be found here about Papershrinks security measures.

By breaking down the scanning cost into easily manageable payment chunks, you not only get rid of all the boxes out of you office, you also get your files back to you scanned and ready to use as soon as they are scanned.

For example: if you have 20 archive boxes sat in your basement/garage/office/attic/warehouse you send them to papershrink and a price would be worked out for you (after conducting a free trial). The price would be broken down by box and an agreed amount of boxes would be scanned monthly for you.

You would then be invoiced monthly until all the boxes have been scanned. By having your archive paperwork scanned monthly, you can cut the overall cost down into manageable chunks. We would store the boxes for you while the scanning was being completed therefore getting rid of the boxes out of your space immediately.

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