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6 Simple Reasons Why You Should Be Looking To Go Paperless

Until recently, the opportunity to become truly paperless was quite difficult, but as technology has continued to evolve whilst also becoming readily available at a sensible cost, it is no longer out of reach for the average business.

Third party research in to the best low-code platform with SharePoint & Office 365 Integration

Papershrink are proud to have partnered with AgilePoint. We can now offer an out of the box, low-code solution which will eliminate manual hold ups in your work flows because your systems don’t talk with one another, whether you currently have a cloud based a On-Premise solution or mix of both.

It will bring your current systems together stopping the need for typing information that you already have held on another system. This will cut out the errors associated with rekeying information because your applications don’t talk to each other, whist maximising the ROI on existing systems that you have developed and are using.

Recently an organization in need of a low code platform did a comparison between two of the top platforms that support integration with SharePoint and Office 365.

The user compared the two products on several key factors: the End User Interface, Development Tools, Integration Capabilities, Reporting, Mobile and their experiences with each products support services during the evaluation. The results can be seen here -

“AgilePoint proves time after time to be the superior product”

NHS DIVISION - The Journal of mHealth Article - Why the NHS Can’t Ignore BS 10008 on the Path to Digital Transformation

Our specialist NHS Division (known as Scandox Ltd) are proud to have collaborated with long-term partner Kodak Alaris IM on a recent article published in the April/May 2017 edition of The Journal of mHealth. 

The article itself looks at "Why the NHS Can’t Ignore BS 10008 on the Path to Digital Transformation", something that Scandox are certainly keen to discuss.


Looking to implement digital signatures but have concerns about their legal admissibility? It’s natural to be hesitant, but you’re in good hands. Papershrink only use the latest and most secure technologies whilst ensuring compliance, and this is no different when it comes to electronic signatures. We are able to provide our clients access to industry leading technology from DocuSign.